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Solidworks Motion Study/Exploded Animation to 3D PDF?

Question asked by Brittani Morales on Nov 10, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2020 by Jim Riddell


 I found a question back from 2012 posing the same question I am about to ask, but there was no "good" straight forward answer.  Is there a way to save out a Solidworks Motion Study/Exploded Animation out to a 3D PDF Animation?  I know you can save out your model to a 3D PDF, but is there a way to transfer the animation to show up on the 3D PDF and to animate it?  Or is there another simple save that can happen.  Basically the user wants to start the animation, pause the animation, rotate the model, and hit play again.  Feedback is much appreciated!



Thank you for your time!


B. Morales