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sheet metal between two open profiles

Question asked by Lauritz Berg on Nov 10, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2020 by Heiko Sohnholz

I am struggling to find a 'nice' way to solve a simple problem and I feel like I am missing something simple.

I want to make a sheet metal part that has an angled bend in it - but I want to use a skeleton sketch part (SSP) to 'drive' the shape of the part.
Here are some views of the shape I want to accomplish:

I already tried the following and I will also list why I would not implement it for the company I work for/why it does not work:

  • lofted bend - seems the best option, although sometimes fails horribly if there is no radius present in the two profiles (it creates an additional bend) or does not work at all if the sketch planes are at an angle (see a previous post) - I cannot figure out why it seemingly by random chance fails and otherwise works perfectly (is it only when one plane is at an angle?)
  • edge flange - I have to adjust the bend angle manually afterwards so it defeats the SSP idea, it is possible to do it nicely but only with an odd amount of sections as seen here
  • miter flange, normal cut - only works if I make the part intentionally too big which fails if it is the same profile on another plane (seems like the best option though) and it sometimes just skips bends:
  • surface loft, convert to sheet metal - you need to add those bends manually - not intuitive and breaks easily when bending both ways
  • loft, convert to sheet metal - see surface loft - plus you have to draw the full shape


I really want to make the SSP work but as always I am struggling to see how to do that with sheet metal parts.