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Is there a way to push the revision level in the drawing metadata to the model metadata.

Question asked by Daniel Schleicher on Nov 10, 2020
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I am in the process of inputting in PDM professional all the model information such as: drawing number, part number, description, drawn by, drawn date, etc. I have everything I want going from the model to automatically populate the drawing and drawing metadata card. The problem I have is living with the sins of the past. In the past people did not keep the revision level in the model the same as the drawing. The ERP system revision level is at the same level as the drawing. I will have a model at revision D and a drawing at revision G. So how can I set the revision level in the model to the same revision as the drawing? I do not want to manually use "set revision" on every set of files. I was told by my VAR it cannot be done the same way as pushing the variable name from the model to the drawing.