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Some surfaces not rendering in photoview when using cross-section view

Question asked by Andy Cohen on Nov 9, 2020

I am attempting to render some cross-sections of a layered structure using Photoview 360 in SolidWorks 2019, but cannot get some of my features to show up. The structure is mainly made up of 70% transparent matte rubber along with a few key faces which have opaque rubber appearances assigned to them. Because this structure is meant to be used as a visual aid describing a layer-by-layer fabrication process, I need to be able to take cross sections at defined faces to show certain features on each layer. This all looks great when examining the structure in the main graphics window, outside of Photoview. See the image below:


Once I use Photoview, however, either in the final render or in the preview window, surfaces on two of my stairstep-like bodies fail to show up. This only occurs in cross-section view; if I just do a render of them with blocking bodies manually hidden, it comes out alright. The first image shows a render in cross-section view with a patch missing. The second image shows a render taken from the same camera, but with cross-section turned off.

Missing patch as seen in render of cross section

These stairstep-like bodies were created by a series of split operations, as were the layers in other regions of the part, but only the stairstep-like bodies exhibit this issue. They shouldn't be hollow, since they are split from a solid extruded block. The same problem appears on all three steps of each of the stairstep bodies.


Theoretically, I could split each and every body in the part into the 8 layers and manually hide them, but that will likely drive me crazy later as I try to adjust this model for future presentations, and have to be suppressing, unsuppressing, and peering through tons of confusing lines. Does anyone have ideas on why this may be happening or how best to debug this?


I have already tried the following tactics for debugging this strange behavior:

1. I confirmed that the cross section is at the proper height to slice exactly at the surface of interest

2. I have tried changing the appearance to a simple solid appearance

3. I hid any bodies above that may have been occluding them (though of course that shouldn't matter since they all transparent and in a cross-section anyways)