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Update cut list, but only for current configuration

Question asked by Kyle Craig on Nov 9, 2020

I have a multibody part with a few configurations.  The part has been made into a weldment by choosing the weldment button.

In some configurations I will have manually drag&Dropped cut list items so that they appear together in the same cutlist folder.  For example two opposite hand bodies, I am happy to treat as the same item for stock oerding purposes.


Then in a new configuration I want to generate the cutlist items for that configuration so that it can do the initial automatic grouping.  To do this I must update the cutlist.  When updating the cutlist it will update the cutlist for all configurations, therefore the manual re-grouping that was done elsewhere is lost. 


Does anybody have a suggested workaround for this?  Is there a way to update the cutlist only in one configuration?