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PDM Standard 2018: PDFs made with macro not showing up in vault

Question asked by Dominic Greco on Nov 9, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2020 by Dominic Greco

I use a macro for saving a drawing file to a PDF that was published on Javelin Tech's website several years ago.


Save SOLIDWORKS Drawing to PDF Macro to automate the process 


This macro worked flawlessly at my previous employer and now that I'm working somewhere else I wanted to use it again. As with before, it seemed to work just fine. HOWEVER, I found that the PDM vault is not "seeing" these newly created PDFs. If I use the manual method, I get a notification that the PDF was added to the vault. With the macro I'm not getting that.


A fix is to browse to the location using windows explorer, find the file and then ask it to "add to vault". But since we have the PDM plug in for explorer, and these files by deflault are written to the directory where the drawing is stored (in the PDM Vault), it's difficult or darn near impossible to find them so they can be added. 


Is there a setting in PDM that I need to enable that will allow PDFs written via this macro to show up? I want to implement this macro across the engineering department and then write one that will save the file to a DXF (something we do quite often). If it can't find a PDF written using this macros, chances are it wont find a DXF that was made via the same method.