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Help with Mechanical Mates

Discussion created by Karl Addison on Nov 9, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2020 by Sergio Monti

Hey All, 


I am having a bit of trouble with the mates for this project I am working on. I have attached images to help explain. I have tried to use the Cam mate to try and make this movement possible. I am not sure if I should be trying to use a different method to achieve this movement.


In Picture 1, the red arrow indicated the 1st position I would like the sled to be positioned, then the green arrow indicated the direction I want it to move backwards. I want the pins to follow the slot as highlighted in yellow. 


In Picture 2, the red arrow indicated the 2nd position I would like the sled to be positioned, again the green arrow indicates the movement back I would like it to take as it is returning back to the 1st position. 


In Picture 3, the yellow arrow is pointing to the pin/follower and the orange is highlighting the slot that I want it to travel in. 


I basically want this sled to be able to move freely within the slot. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!