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Hole Wizard Bug SW 2021

Question asked by Bruno Frade on Nov 7, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2020 by Alan Sweetenham

Someone is experiencing consecutive program crashes on dimensioning hole wizard items? i sketch the points and as soon as i start to input domensions solidworks just crashes, sometimes is at hole wizard creation, other times is at editing dimensions later on.


Solidworks 2021 SP0.0, normally we dont use newer versiont till SP3 but SW2020 is simply unusuable due to delays, performance... so we moved to 2021 to find that it just cames with a bunch new bugs...very sad to pay this amount of money for a sotware and have such a horrible user experience, some times i just think how it should be to buy a new car and at every ride something wrong happen, one day fuel pump, other day engine, next day some weel go out of place...

this is how i see the Solidworks, i use it because company have it , and i decided some years ago to learn it, but it is really an horrible piece of software and for sure i will not advice it for new persons who want to get into the 3D modeling...



As a workaround if hole sketch is edited directly (expanding the feature node in tree and edit the sketch) it will work without problems.

editing the part in context of assembly or direct in part has no difference, sw crashes as soon as the input box for dimensions will show.