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Need wraping, drawing help!

Question asked by Edvard Brekke on Jun 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2009 by Corey Wallace
Hi I am hoping that someone can help me. At work we are going to bend a large round acrylic sheet. My assignment is to draw how that part is gonna look after it hass been bent, and save it as iges file for them to use when they make a form for the sheet to be bent around.
But i am having a hard time doing this assignment since im usualy only drawing flat stuff. If someone could take a look at my file and answere me some questions. Can i make that a sheetmetal somehow?. anyway of wraping that topp sketch around it?, solidworks says that spherical and torodial faces are not suportet for wraping. Should i draw it another way? Diameter should be 3500 mm, hight of the bent round shape is 500 mm. sheet thiknes is 8 mm and those eleven cake looking peaces should be carved on topp for cutting out in the end by a 3d cnc machine.
Any smart people with a better way of drawing it?. As you can see in the drawing i have made one last atempt by using extruded cut, thought that maby could work as a guiding rout for the cnc machine. Also anyone know the k-factors for xt-acrylic, gs-acrylic? or some smart way of determining what is gonna hapen with acrylic when it is bent. hope someone can answere me some of the questions

In advance Thanks