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Routing Library vs personal Library

Question asked by Mohamed Ghalmi on Nov 6, 2020

Hello everyone, 


I`m wondering why even bother going through all the steps of implementing routing components by using routing component wizard for any application other than pipes and elbows? From my understanding with the correct CPoint information and matching custom proprieties, parts from custom libraries can be used in the routing assemblies and give the proper information in BOM. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages for using custom libraires instead of standard routing library. For me, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.



- Routing elements can be implemented fast without use of routing component wizard using only design table

-Routing elements information is auto-synched with each update to part (instead of manual synch inside routing database) 

-Routing elements and information easily accessible for modification




- Must select start & drag in routing tab to start routing

-cannot use custom libraries to implement variable length pipes/tubes and  angled elbows

-Custom proprieties must match routing BOM

-Mixing routing elements from the standard routing and the custom library can be prone to errors


I`ve added a drawing showcasing how elements of many libraries can be mixed in a routing assembly (yellow for custom library, salmon for standard design routing library and mauve for piping)