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Changing standard view not saving Solidworks2021

Discussion created by Joon Hee Jang on Nov 5, 2020
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I am having problem in changing orientation. Changes in standard view is not retained.


What I did:

In the orientation tool (Space) - update standard view - select a view

It opens a warning "Changing this standard view will change the orientation of any... Do you want to make this change?"

Select Yes

Save file and close

When I open the file again the view orientation went back to default 


Is this normal? I was expecting the view setting would saved with file/template. How do I change the view for good?



Like Alex Lachance suggested I made a dummy part. for others to try. The file is made from SW2021 SP0. I am trying to rotate the view so that the word "TOP" is read from left to right on "top view" (Ctrl +5). Please let me know if anyone can save the view. Then, I will know it is my system problem.


Update 11.10.2020

I reset my computer and reinstalled SW2021. Still having the same problem. I would like to know if anyone has the same issue.