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What is SW doing when it pegs all the cores?

Question asked by Matt Juric on Nov 5, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2020 by Matt Juric

This happens to me on occasion. I'll be working on something and it just stops. Today it has been doing it when I switch from one model to another. SW seems to lock up and when I look at CPU usage all the cores are at something like 80% max. In most cases if I feel like waiting long enough it comes back. Sometime however it takes 5-10 minutes to finish whatever it's doing...which as far as I can tell is nothing.


This seems to happen not based on large files, complexity etc, just rather random. Today I was doing an FEA on simple part and had a small assy open, 100 parts or so. Did this several times. I waited a couple times and it came back to life after 3-4 minutes. the rest of the time I just killed SW and started over.