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Saving DXF (for CNC not drawing) from Virtual Component that has Flat-Pattern feature

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Nov 5, 2020
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I see a lot of threads about getting flat pattern DXF files for CNC use, I also see some about Virtual Components.  I haven't seen any about getting Flat-Pattern DXF from Virtual Components.  I've read up and practiced getting DXF for configurations in a .sldprt, but I kinda need to be able to get the flat pattern from a Virtual Component.


What I think I know about Virtual Components:

  • they are a part or assembly file that is on local disk in some user/temp directory while the non-virtual parent is open.
  • that local file is temporary and is removed when the containing assembly is closed. (like gone, bye, no-more)
  • the file is saved (embedded) in the parent sldasm file then "extracted" back to the local temp dir when the assembly is opened again.
  • they show up in PDM Contains tab of the real part 
  • have less than ideal default names
  • if SW crashes and you haven't saved the non-virtual assembly, your changes to the VCs are gone
  • be careful about renaming, some talk here about renaming the assembly or VCs can cause problems.


What I think I know about saving dxf from flat pattern in sldprt file:

  • use ExportToDWG2()
  • use dataAlignments [0.....0]
  • it will use the Flat-Pattern Feature of the active configuration; ShowConfiguration2(myConfig)
  • use SetUserPreference*Value() calls to use mapping file or other system settings that show up in Export -> DXF/DWG settings page.
  • it sounds like the ExportToDWG2() uses a temporary slddrw to get a flat of the flat-pattern Feature then saves that as DXF?


What I've tried so far:

  • successfully saving dxf from sldprt files where the selected configuration has a feature of type FlatPattern, running as a PDM file transition action task for several months.
    • choose config based on "DXF" in config name else use Default, the other option is for complex parts that we couldn't get flats for without manual edits under the Flat-Pattern feature.
    • I go through the sub features of FlatPattern feature and unsupress all UiBend features, for some reason people occasionally leave unbend feature(s) suppressed in the Flat-Pattern.
  • I've added code:
    • when file is .sldasm to get a list of virtual components using most the code from:      2019 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Get Paths and Titles of Parents of Virtual Component (C#)    if ( ! comp.IsVirtual) then add it to a List<ModelDoc2> 
    • next loop through that list running my existing code on each ModelDoc2 object. 
      • The ExportToDWG2 is called from a PartDoc that is cast from the ModelDoc2. 
      • to ExportToDWG2 parameter "Model Name" I pass my ModelDoc2.GetPathName().


Needless to say the ExportToDWG2() is returning false right now and it seems there are a LOT of things that can cause that. 

What's next:

  1. I'm going to first try to activate the virtual component
  2. If that doesn't work my next try will be to just take that path of the VC  ["C:\\Users\\[user]\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\swx1688\\VC~~\\1025826\\1025826^1025826.sldprt"]   and open it with OpenDoc6() then save dxf from there which I have done manually.


Couple reasons for the post:

  • If anyone has experience exporting Flat Pattern DXFs from Virtual Components I'd be grateful for any pointers.  I'm sort of fellwalking here and I don't know if the solution is just over the next knoll or if it's still a thousand miles away.
  • I couldn't find any other threads about this, so I'll start one and update it as I move along.