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Selecting a rotating region - SolidWorks Flow Simulation

Discussion created by Laluc Gregoire on Nov 5, 2020
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Hello !


I would like to study the flow around a rotating part and its axis.

To make things simple, I have made a assembly composed of two parts : the axis and the rotor, which is, of course my rotating part. I would like to designate this part as my rotating region.

But for some reasons I can't select it. When I am going to

As a result, I can't run a simulation to know the flow around my system...


Can someone help me ?


Please find attached some screenshots of my system.


The axis and the rotor :

The axis and the rotor


Making sure rotation is selected :

Selecting rotation

I can't click on "rotor" to select it as a rotating region:

Cannot select the rotor as a rotating region


Thanks a lot !