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    Problems printing in 2009

    Carey Chang
      I ran into an impasse with getting a high quality print using 2009. I have a 10 sheet drawing with multiple assemblies and subassemblies which resulted in the drawing file to be almost 68MB. I switched from using 2008 sp5 to 2009 sp3 not too long ago and I used to be able to print the drawing in high quality using the same machine. Now with 2009, I can't get the drawing to print properly, even if I did each sheet individually. SW crashes because it's unable to obtain required memory. If I do manage to get the sheet to print, on certain sheets, only about 10% is produced and the rest is blank. I've exhausted all methods I can think of, including saving as a different file (like PDF or eDrawing) because the tables I have in the drawing change size on their own after saving.

      I'm pretty sure my hardware is the culprit, but since I was able to print the same drawings in high quality using 2008 on the same hardware, I feel 2009 is to blame as well. Any suggestions on how I can get around this?

      SW 2009 sp3
      Windows XP32
      Dell Latitude D830
      Intel Core2 Duo T9500 @ 2.60GHz x2
      2GB RAM
      NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M

        • Problems printing in 2009
          Anna Wood
          Get yourself 4 gigs of memory. That will probably help.

          If the system is saying you are out of memory, beleive it. Especially with only 2 gigs of memory and the huge drawing you are trying to print.

          You are also using a non approved graphics card for SW. Get yourself an approved card and life will be better.

          Yes, it does make a difference with SW what your hardware is.

          Just because it work in SW2008 with inadequate hardware doesn't mean SW2009 will work too. New versions of SW will push the hardware envelope further. You have stepped over the edge.


          • Problems printing in 2009
            Mike Agan
            Try saving as a pdf and print that.
              • Problems printing in 2009
                Carey Chang
                I've given that a shot, but the tables that I created in the drawing resized themselves so that they no longer fit on the sheet. Everything else was fine. If I print the drawing, the tables remain the size that I created but in the saved versions as PDF they were stretched out. I'll have to keep playing around with the options to see what works the best.