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Mating / linking distances in two different assemblies

Question asked by Andreas Huber on Nov 5, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2020 by Andreas Huber

Hi everyone


I constructed a simple hydraulic cylinder (it is actually a med. syringe as I am making a toy with a hydraulic function. However let's just call it a cylinder). The cylinder assembly consists of two parts, a body and a moving rod inside it.

I added two of these cylinder subassemblies into my main assembly. There is no connection (tube / hose) between the two cylinders so far.


My goal is to mate / link these two cylinders:

Pressing the rod into the body of the first cylinder (blue arrow, see attachment) should result the rod moving out of the second cylinder (red arrow). I am not a pro in SolidWorks so i'm looking for a simple way to achieve this rather than making some sort of fluid simulation with a tube between the cylinders, flowing oil in it and so on.


I made the two subassemblies flexible so that they can move independently.

I tried to make a global variable. I tried advanced mating.


I hope I made myself clear.

Thanks for your help.