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Adding a new configuration also adds a new appearnce.  Stop that!

Question asked by Justin Lee on Nov 4, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2020 by Justin Lee

Every time I create a new configuration in a part file, a new "Carbon Steel" appearance is also added. & I want it to stop doing that.


My default part template is configured like this:


-Default Material = "Carbon Steel"

(custom material, copied & renamed from "plain carbon steel" w/ appearance changed to "matte steel")


-Default Appearance = "Matte Steel"

(from built in appearances catalog)


-In the appearances Tab, I have nothing defined, so the model reverts to the default appearance.


-I have a single display state and it is not linked to configurations.



Adding a new configuration adds a new "Carbon Steel" appearance that gets applied to the whole part & I'd like to eliminate the need to manually remove the unwanted appearance each and every time I create a new configuration (which, my friends, is often). 





In other, simpler terms.  I only ever want to see the Matte Steel appearance on any part, at any time, unless I manually specify something different.


Can anyone help me work around this persistent creation of the "Carbon Steel" appearance every time I add a new configuration?