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Glitches of custom properties visualisation in the drawing

Discussion created by Aleksandr Sornikov on Nov 4, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2020 by Aleksandr Sornikov

Hi everyone,


I have come across a couple of glitches with custom properties transition between the model and the drawing. Maybe, someone else had the similar ones and found a workaround.

1. model creation date is not shown in the drawing. Updating the model or saving with a new name does not help (Part 1);

2. there are two configurations in a part and each of them has its own material chosen, whereas drawing shows the material of only one (currently chosen) configuration for both views (Part 2). Part 3 is shown as an example of normal work.


In both cases, it has something to do with the model file, as everything works fine when I create a new model. However, both these models are pretty complex and I would not like to create them from the sketch again.

All the items in the design tree are deleted from the models attached, but the glitch did not go away, so you can see it there.