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multiple commands before action?

Question asked by Dan Caplan on Nov 4, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2020 by Dan Caplan

Is there a way to give solidworks several different commands and have the program wait for an execute command before doing anything? I'm picturing something like an undo/redo list, but instead it is a que of tasks that are going to be performed when you hit 'go'. 


For example, pressing 'close' on several open windows and then an 'execute' command to actually close those windows? Or delete/suppress several different components but don't do anything until I 'execute'? Or heck, when filtering the Tree wait for all the text rather than re-searching as each letter is typed?!


Bulk selecting when performing tasks like suppress/delete helps, but that only allows one command type at a time. When working with large assemblies it sure would be nice to be able to perform several actions, hit 'go,' and then go get coffee while it chugs. I suspect it could also perform multiple unrelated actions simultaneously much faster than performing them all individually, especially if that means rebuilding/regenerating graphics/whatever once for several actions instead of for each action.