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Custom Property Files Fail to Update Model. But Only For Other Users.

Question asked by Aaron Clark on Nov 3, 2020

I have created parametrically controlled models of our most commonly used assembly components , say a belt conveyor.

I use the custom property builder to control my properties, and can use them to quickly design new conveyors using only the most basic of dimensions.

The model files and property files are located on our server, without special access restrictions. Ive set up the other users SW-settings to point to all the same file locations as I do. At one point months ago, this worked without issue.

However, now, my custom property tabs function as intended for me, but nobody else can use them. However the UI I built using the "tab builder" does work for others, it just will not update the model when interacted with. Any values changed in that UI, will update the properties within the model, but no physical changes take place. Its as though the sketch just no longer cares what the properties and equations that drive them are set to. Which also causes broken equations that cannot be rebuilt, though the equations themselves are unchanged and correct. When working correctly (from my PC) the equations always become "broken" when the property values change, but the rebuild fixes the errors as the geometry updates. If a user changes a value in the property tab, and saves it; Then reopens that conveyor, the property values ARE changed, but the geometry still refuses to update.


Ive reverted myself, and the other users to the default SW settings to minimize potential differences.

I had our server admin grant one of the users the exact same permissions on our network as me, to rule out read/write issues.

Ive completely nuked my installation of SW several times, and all its registry entries too(the ones I could find at least), to isolate any hidden relationship or file paths to me as the creator. But still, my files will work for me, and not others. However I had successfully set up others to use the conveyors in the past. I cant imagine what changed.


My troubleshooting has eliminated all of my suspicions, and Im not sure what to blame anymore.

Im hoping somebody here can see something obvious Ive missed, but Id be happy with more theories to investigate too!





Thank you,