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Tubing Routing Points and Connect Points

Question asked by Matthew McCoy on Nov 2, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2020 by Matthew McCoy

I'm having a problem where the routing points that I put into my assembly stop working.  I'm utilizing the tubing library components and trying to route from the "straight fitting" to "tubing clip".  This worked when I first tested it but I needed to add a bunch of other subassemblies into my assembly.  Now when I go back to define my routes, I can right click > Edit route > Auto route, then select the straight fitting that I want as a connect point.  After that all of the routing points and connect points that I already put in there don't show up.

I troubleshoot this by adding a new fitting from the library, which works and allows me to route my connect point to the new fitting.  As a sanity check I also created a new assembly with just 2 of the same subassemblies that I'm trying to route, and this works also.  
Did I do something wrong as I was building my assembly to "nullify" all of the routing points?  Anybody have any insight on this?  I'm fairly new to solidworks (been working with it for maybe 200 hours now) and went through most of the tutorials but the tubing routing tutorial is fairly useless complex design or troubleshooting.