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Assembly parts missing.

Discussion created by Raymond Theobald on Nov 2, 2020
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I have been working on an assembly with 5-6 sub assemblies and around 15 parts. 

Some of the parts are the same part used multiple times, screws and pins mainly. 


The multiple parts come in fine and are placed, and mated, everything is great until I save, exit, and open again. 


Once I re open the file all the multiple parts are suppressed and giving me an error. (cannot locate the file for the component to complete this operation) or (error opening file.)

Also solidworks wants me to look for the file while its trying to open the assembly, this is frustrating because I have to close out of a ton of pages because searching and selecting the correct file does nothing at this stage. 


I am running solidworks 2020 and all of my files are saved in the PDM vault.


thank you.