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Best way to move files to a common folder?

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Oct 30, 2020
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We have taken over the engineering for a sister company. Their file storing practice was to have a different Windows folder for each product line. With having a few parts other than toolbox parts shared between the different products we are uncertain at this point if there are duplicate parts with different "part numbers" in the different folders. For our style of MRP system we would like to have duplicate parts all have the same number, and to prevent having several different parts with duplicate numbers in different folders we would like them all in the same folder.

   What is the best way to move all files to a common folder without having the assemblies loose references? I know I can do a Pack-and-Go checking the reference locations of each part as I go, but that promises to be a long time consuming process. Without having PDM is there another method that might be a less painful, more timely method of doing this? Kind of like dissolving all the sub folders into one general folder?


Thank you