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Discussion created by Pablo Moreno on Oct 30, 2020

Hello everybody!!   After reading and learning a lot of months. I am face to face with a problem that i can´t deal with it, So, here is my first discussion post. (I have to say that english is not my mother tongue, but i´ll try to explain the best I can).


I have two parts  (sheet metal parts) curved and together. My intention is to make a hole or drill pattern along this two pieces to screw them.  This pattern must be controlled both in length and number of instances (see the image below)



The problem here is the curve of the parts are 2 arcs, and i don´t know how to make patterns along sketch with 2 arcs or maybe there are other way to achieve it.


I tried it making an assembly level feature (drill or cut-extrude), creating an extra part to make a composite curve over my 2 arcs to follow the hole pattern.  Creating a sketch with points along the curve to reference the pattern....  (All with no success)


I attach the file of the assembly.

(Edit 1: Add ".zip" of assembly with external parts (some have problems with previous virtual parts assembly)


Thank you so much for your attention!


EDIT:  I posted one solution at the bottom of this page.