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SolidWorks Flow Utilization of High CPU Core Count, AMD 3970X/3990X

Question asked by William Elwood on Oct 30, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2020 by William Elwood

The company where I work is looking to build a dedicated CFD rig to offload some of our analyses onto. Pricing out some of our options to build one, the biggest bang for our buck for raw processing power seems to be the AMD 3970X or 3990X. I have concerns that the Flow solver will not be able to take full advantage of either of these processors, as they both have huge virtual core counts (64 or 128, respectively).


Does anyone have access to a workstation with either of these processors, or another processor with a huge core count, that would be able to confirm that the program is taking full advantage of them?


I am currently running an AMD 3900X processor with 24 virtual cores and I am consistently seeing full use of all 24 cores at 4.1GHz. I have seen some information from the end of last year about the solver having diminishing returns on more than 20 cores, but that information seems to be out of date based on what I am currently seeing on my own analyses. I know that SolidWorks does most of their testing using Intel CPUs, and Intel's high level workstation CPUs were running 20 cores at the end of last year, maybe those pieces of information are related.


Thanks in advance for any information related to this.