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Discussion about the SOLIDWORKS BETA Program (Branched out from the Detailing Mode thread)

Discussion created by Matt Juric on Oct 28, 2020
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Alin Vargatu wrote:


Like any new tool it needs to be used in production and fine-tuned based on user experience. It is already much better in 2020 SP4.0 than before, and I am sure it will be perfected soon. 

Out of curiosity does SW have a Beta testing program and if so how big is it? While certainly there are odd cases and the occasional miss that happens during alpha and beta testing it seems to me that SW's approach to this is that SP1 thru SP4 is their beta testing. 


For those that are trying to actually run a business this becomes severely problematic, so much so that many companies are attempting to put upgrades off as long as possible. We are still on 18 for the specific reason that we can't afford to switch over and have 5-10 people sitting around for a few days or more so that we can figure out bugs. 


The mentality that people should wait until SP5 to know they have "Most of the bugs fixed" is a bit much.