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SolidWorks Template in PDM Standard Vault - What Folder Permissions?

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Oct 28, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2020 by Chris Saller

I am using SW2019 SP5 with 2019 PDM Standard.


In setting up our new PDM Standard Vault I have moved all of the SolidWorks configuration type files - such as templates, sheet formats, lists, tables, favorites db; most everything that system options / file locations points to - into a vault folder structure and set the cache option to refresh for all user groups. In SolidWorks System Options/File Locations I have set the paths to the associated vault view folder. This folder structure is non-revision managed.


My questions are:

  • What folder permissions, if any, do I need to set for these folders? If a group can't Read File Contents, does this prevent SW from accessing its templates?
  • Concerning a favorites database file, if a user adds a favorite from within SW I assume the db file must get checked in otherwise the next cache refresh cycle will overwrite it?
  • Other considerations / pitfalls I should be aware of? With our WPDM setup, this entire folder structure resided on a shared network drive.