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PDM Search Tool Searches in All Versions Regardless of Setting

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Oct 28, 2020

PDM 2019 SP5


I noticed today that the search tool (integrated or standalone) is returning incorrect results with respect to the 'Search in all versions' checkbox.  I was looking for drawings that had an incorrect signature, so I searched for all files with the incorrect name in the signature.  Here's the card settings:



The search results returned hundreds of files, which I know is not correct:



If I look at the data card for the first file, it looks like this:



Years ago, when these files were first brought in to the vault, they did have ADMIN-JS as the signature but that was corrected at the time.  So, the search tool is clearly ignoring the 'Search in all versions' checkbox and is always searching in all versions, which is a problem.


Can anyone confirm this behavior?