Valdas K.

Solidworks: Cutlist Weldment and Assembly "Mating Weldment". What is the difference?

Discussion created by Valdas K. on Oct 27, 2020

Hello, I have been greatly bugged by core Solidworks dilema:


What is the true way to do weldments in Solidworks? For example weldment profiles are is designed to be done from Part, while using Weldment. Sheet parts can be done in the same Weldment Environment.

..But while working in different companies, I have noticed that engineers use Assembly mode, for making Weldment drawings. and I can't blame them! Because reusing Standard part, for example an insert which contain Partnumber and description, can be easily reused in Assembly mode. It fills in the Part Number and Description, and then everyone knows that it is reused part. What about the Weldment? If I want to add a standard part, I go to Insert/Insert Part. Then I get this body representation which is random Cutlist Item, without any Descriptions, Part Numbers, associations to standard part. Is there a way to retain that?


What is Solidworks True way of doing Weldment Assemblies for you guys?