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Sheet metal bounding box issue

Question asked by Barbara Jerin on Oct 28, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2020 by Barbara Jerin

Hey guys,


I suppose it's PDM that caused the issue, so I decided to post this question in the PDM area. But I also might be bear with me .


For half a year I'm using a link between the cut list properties (thickness, width, length) of sheet metal parts to Custom Properties. I reported no issues until now when I had to make a few revision changes that are done by a PDM loop.


On drawings that went through this revision loop, I'm seeing strange numbers appearing in the dimension column for sheet metal parts.


For better understanding, see the attached gif:


You can see that when the drawing is opened Clamp Plate and Clamp have strange and long numbers in the dimension field. This is because they are sheet metal parts. If I open those two parts, and then switch back to the drawing, the dimensions correct themselves.

The problem is that I can't save this. Each time I open the drawing I see the same strange numbers.


Does anyone have an idea what the reason for this might be? 


The drawings that were not revised, are ok.