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Is the student version of Solidworks compatible with the academic version?

Question asked by Michael Koelbis on Oct 27, 2020


(I hope I'm in the correct subforum)


All CAD related work (except for one student project) at my university is done via CATIA v5. Just that one big project started in Solidworks.  


Since my university has only a few licenses, you can imagine it is quite a pain to manage the time on the PCs for us students, especially in these difficult times. And since I have no previous knowledge of Solidworks, I'd need quite some time to get familiar with it - I want to do that at home. 

Now: I want to buy myself the student version for roughly 100€. But a colleague of mine told me recently, that the student version is not compatible with the academic (or premium) version of the university.


Is this true? 
I just need to design a structural part and export it, to use it in ANSYS. And in the end import it at the university into the whole structure.

What I mean: Can I create, work and save a CAD file in the student version, bring it with me to university and implement it there (and vice versa of course)?



Thank you!