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Why does SW2020 not have the SWPCB collaboration add in and why can't I install it?

Question asked by Berk Akarcalioglu on Oct 27, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2020 by Jim Riddell


Over the last year, I've been using SW2019 & SWPCB2019 without any issues. However, a couple of months ago we got new serial numbers for our team's SEK. I had upgraded my SW, SWPCB, and all of the necessary services through the SWinstaller. 


Right now I need to start a project where I need the collaboration functionality between SW and SWPCB. Here is the issue, there is no collaboration add-in on the SW side of things. I have checked that SWPCB is able to pull and push from the PCB service server. I have also checked that I can reach the server and that the PCB service status reports all return 'ok'.


Yesterday I tried fixing my problem by running the SWinstaller's built-in repair functionality. Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling first the SWPCB and SWPCBservice components, later reinstalling every SW product on my machine.


At first, I thought that I may be able to install just the PCB collaboration add-in through the customer service download portal but my MySolidworks account didn't give me access to the downloads page.


As you can guess, I am confused and frustrated at this point. I would really appreciate it if anyone in the community or even someone from SW could help me.


Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? If so were you able to solve it?


Thanks to everyone in advance. I have added two images showing how the service works in SWPCB & not in SW. I also added the SWPCB service report files.