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Does anyone know hole to (manually) add drill depth to a hole callout in DimXpert?

Question asked by Marc Trumpi on Oct 26, 2020

For a hole that I'm dimensioning there is an extended drill depth in place that I can't see to get dimensioned properly using Dimxpert. The hole in question is an ISO M4, drill depth 15 mm, tap depth 10 mm. Normally when adding a hole size dimension it only shows the M4x10 part. I can manually add some variables to the dimension which give me this result. Manually added variables between the red lines.

In a slddrw you can use the callout variables located in the button with that name, however these variables starting with "hw" don't work in Dimxpert. The feature sketch does contain the 15 mm depth. Does anyone know what variable to call to get that value in the dimension text?