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Safety fence pattern / part insert

Question asked by Wayne Barrett on Oct 26, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2020 by Neville Williams

I am wondering if Solidworks offers a tool to help auto insert or pattern different length parts?  I have done some safety fencing layouts that cover multiple football fields, several thousand square yards / meters.  Currently I do this in autocad and use blocks to create my safety fence boundaries.  

I would rather use Solidworks.  I know I could use sketch driven patterns to pattern my straight runs, but that isn't any faster than using cad.  What to do about distances that require different length panels, going around corners, etc?  I use eight different lengths of panels, plus doors.


It just seems like Solidworks may have a solution somewhere that could populate a sketch with all the parts that can fit.


I may have a run with several 3 meter panels, but towards the end I may need a 2 meter panel, a 750mm panel and a 300mm panel to fit the length required.  Can Solidworks pull from a collection of fence parts that best fit the sketch path?