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Corporate-sponsored spamming?

Question asked by Raymond Herrera on Oct 25, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2020 by Krzysztof Szpakowski

A few years ago, I was involved in a rather noisy and long debate here.


Since then my mailbox has been targeted by an inundation of what appears to be retaliatory/sabotage messages.


As a result, I decided to stay away from the SolidWorks forums. It is a shame, because I admire the company and its products.


The messages in question have a stealth nature and are not easy to block. I found a solution which lasted for a couple years, but the deluge came back with a vengeance.


It took me a lot of time to investigate the issue deeply. See two solutions below.


Due to the fact that all the messages contain a from header and links to this website, which damage the company's reputation, I would expect SolidWorks corporation to do something about it.


-Ramon F. Herrera


(1) How to block the offending messages using sendmail:

Add the top line (envelop sender) to the access.db file. In my case:       ERROR:550 " We don't accept mail from SolidWorks spammers"


(2) How to block the offending messages using spamassassin

Add the following entry to the file user_prefs:

blacklist_from *


See what the messages look like:
SolidWorks Forum SPAM


These are the main users who have been sending those messages:

 Rick Becker
 Dennis Dohogne
 Alex Lachance
 Frederick Law
 David Matula
 Matt Peneguy
 Paul Salvador
 John Stoltzfus
 Tony Tieuli