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Multibody Sheet Export to DXF with Cutlist Naming

Discussion created by Valdas K. on Oct 24, 2020
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Hello, is there a way to export all metal sheets' flat patterns from a multibody part to separate DXFs with naming from their cultist parameters?
If part has many sheet metals,  I want to export them all with name:
Thickness, Partnumber, Material, Quantity.

example: "S-3 P001 AISI304 2Pcs"

Is it possible to make or modify a code to do that?


Example (3 different elements, but only 2 elements are sheets with flat pattern. Can they be exported to their DXF as flat patterns and include bend lines?):

Example 2 (Cultist items Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 have there marked parameters, can they be added to saved DXFs' Filenames respectively?) :