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Pattern a cut feature according to a reference pattern

Discussion created by Sten Char on Oct 23, 2020
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I hope I posted in the right group :-)


I'm having trouble finding a feature which I would expect a lot of users use for fastening 2 parts together.


I have 2 circular parts in an assembly which is mated on top of each other. They are the same size exactly.

I need to fit screws through the upper part into the lower part to fasten them together.

I first edit the upper part and create an extruded cut feature with a circle of 8,5mm (for a 8mm screw). I make it through all of the part.

Now I create a circular pattern of this cut so that I now have 4 holes in 90 degrees around the center axis of the part.

Finally I exit editing the part.

I now edit the lower part, which needs to have thread holes in it which is aligned with the 4 holes in the upper part.

I start creating a cut feature on the first hole (which is also the same hole I started creating in the upper part). I align the center of the circle which the extruded cut feature of the upper part.

I make the circle 6.8mm and make the cut go through all in the part.


Here comes the problem.

I now need to make a circular pattern of the extruded cut which relates to the pattern of the upper part in order for it to always follow the number of instances in the upper part.

I can't find any documentation on how to do this.


Sure I could create a sketch with circles on each hole in the patterned cut feature in the upper part but this cut will fail if I change from 4 holes to 3 holes and will not create a new hole if I change from 4 to 5 holes in the upper part.


I realize that I could use the hole series feature but that would not handle if we were not talking about an extruding cut but in stead an extruded boss feature which needs to be patterned according to a patterned feature in another part.


How do others fasten 2 parts together and handle this issue if we need to change the amount of screws or other features in one part which should affect other parts?


(The attached picture shows how I need the result to be - I have achieved this by just creating extruded cuts which circles that reference the 4 holes and not a pattern, which is what I want to)