Pattabi Kakumanu

Save Drawing as PDF and DXF (based on Sheet Name)

Discussion created by Pattabi Kakumanu on Oct 23, 2020


I am new to this Macro field and I don't have any experience but somehow I managed to make a macro that generate either a pdf or DXF (as define in the Macro) for an open drawing. Please find the attachment for the macro.

Basically macro what I have saved drawing in PDF or DXF formate with document name.


But I want to do something different to speed up my drafting work.


What I want to do: Usually when I have a DXF format in drawing I used to name sheet as "DXF" (see below picture).


So now I want a macro that save the both PDF & DXF formate (open drawing) for separate sheets when I have sheet named with DXF then the macro need to save it as only the DXF formate and the other sheets with PDF formate.

For example: in the below picture I have two sheets first sheet named with (Blatt1) need to save as only "PDF"  with filename+Version (Revision) and the  second sheet named as DXF need to save only "DXF" with file name+Version(Revision).

Note: I am using SolidWorks Professional 2018 SP5.0 

Can someone please me.


Thanks in advance.