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Interface wacked

Question asked by Matt Lombard on May 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2009 by Matt Lombard
Ok, here's an obscure one for you. Obscure bugs raise the question of whether they are worth fixing. If it is worth having in the software, it is worth having it right. Details, and in particular the detail of "is it right" or "does it work" are such pesky things, and I know, expecting things to work is wrong headed, call me old fashioned.

Tools, Customize, Menus. I can't get Reset All to become active.

In the same interface, if you rename a menu item, it may be difficult to select it again to rename it back because the Rename option is replaced with Add.

If you make a change to a menu with Add, you can't see the change until you exit the Customize dialog and look at the menu.

Would I miss menus if they went away? Yes, so the fix is not to remove the menus.

Would I miss the ability to customize the menus? No, probably not. In the Fix or Remove spectrum, this one probably leans toward remove. I don't use this, and I don't know anyone who does.

This came to my attention because a reader of my book pointed it out to me. I have steps in the book to use it, so it must have worked in 2007, but doesn't work in 2009.