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    Interface wacked

    Matt Lombard
      Ok, here's an obscure one for you. Obscure bugs raise the question of whether they are worth fixing. If it is worth having in the software, it is worth having it right. Details, and in particular the detail of "is it right" or "does it work" are such pesky things, and I know, expecting things to work is wrong headed, call me old fashioned.

      Tools, Customize, Menus. I can't get Reset All to become active.

      In the same interface, if you rename a menu item, it may be difficult to select it again to rename it back because the Rename option is replaced with Add.

      If you make a change to a menu with Add, you can't see the change until you exit the Customize dialog and look at the menu.

      Would I miss menus if they went away? Yes, so the fix is not to remove the menus.

      Would I miss the ability to customize the menus? No, probably not. In the Fix or Remove spectrum, this one probably leans toward remove. I don't use this, and I don't know anyone who does.

      This came to my attention because a reader of my book pointed it out to me. I have steps in the book to use it, so it must have worked in 2007, but doesn't work in 2009.
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          Roy Potter
          I had an issue with resetting the menus due to the greyed out button.
          I was told that sometime ago there was ER/SPR but due to the lack of 'complaints' is was closed.
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            Jeff Mowry
            Matt, since I still use v2007 primarily, I can easily see a "Reset" option:

            Like many things, it worked great back then. Good luck.

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                richard wagenaar
                This is a off topic but it shows how importent a user interface is.

                I have been looking at PTC Soliddesigner, Spaceclaim, Solid Edge and reading
                the newsgoups about the latest Solid Edge NX with the direct editing tricks.
                It is a promising technology but not new, it all depends on how
                good the user interface works and appearantly a Windows
                user interface does't work very good for a lot of users of Solid Edge NX.

                As it seems (www.eng-tips.com) there are a lot of users not happy
                about it especially because the user interface has gotten less efficient
                with more Windows inefficiencies when compared to older versions.

                Why don't Cad software companies think about the best possible
                CAD user interface instead of a Windows interface. Windows changes
                all the time and can we really say things have improved? It is sometimes
                wasting money and wasting mouseclicks and mousemovements
                to be Windows compliant.

                The S shortcut command is a big improvement in Solidworks and
                it seems Solidworks is listening. But for some reason they just
                can't make things right the first time.

                Another roblem with Solidworks is that important functionality can
                stop working any new release for any reason. We have important
                functionality that used to work from somewhere in 1997 till
                SW2005 which should now be requested as an enhancement.
                Does this make sense to upgrade?

                We use shortcuts and macros for almost everything, once you can
                work in this way you can avoid the Solidworks userinterface as
                much as possible. This gives us at least +50% more efficiency
                than the standard Solidworks user interface.
                This is the best way to avoid UI problems and inefficiencies.

                There is another big advantage when you use another Cad program
                with the same shortcuts.

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                    Matt Lombard
                    There is no such thing as Solid Edge NX. Solid Edge and NX are two separate products from Siemens, which handle interface, Windows and non-Windows differently.

                    Windows interfaces make things consistent so they are easier to learn. If you know how to run Excel, you know how to do a lot of stuff in SolidWorks.

                    The S key is not an improvement. It is just another way of doing things. How exactly do you think it improves things? It requires a key stroke and mouse movement and a click. A hotkey requires just a key stroke. A toolbar requires just mouse movement and a click.

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                        richard wagenaar
                        Hi Matt, I do agree with you, a shorkey is the best.

                        Before the S key you had to move longer distances
                        with Solidworks out of the box. The distance you
                        have too move sure does matter.
                        If you already had your shortkeys setup the S-key is useless
                        I don't use the S-key anyway.

                        I don't mind if the userinterface would not be windows
                        compliant, as long as it is fast to use and that is something
                        else than easy to learn.

                        I don't like that every window has it's own tree and
                        propertymanager. With a couple of windows open you don't have
                        any graphical space left because there is too much user interface in
                        every window. You either need to scroll or Windows maximize just
                        to see your "userinterface" in the property manager when having some
                        windows open.

                        When working on one part this won't be a problem, but when
                        always doing large assemblies it is an inefficient userinterface.

                        I think that one window (part, assembly or drawing) should be able
                        configure to only have graphical information and there could be one general tree/property manager which should update according to the active document.

                        I don't like to go to a tree to the side of the screen for simple
                        things like editing text or a dimensions prefix or a mate, it just needs
                        too much mouse displacement and it causes timeloss. For me a
                        small popup would be much better, but in Solidworks userinterfaces
                        like to be big. If that is not windows compliant then I would rather use
                        a non windows compliant CAD system.

                        Most people accept the userinterface of Solidworks especially because
                        it is easy to learn but my opinion is that there are structural errors in the
                        user interface that cause an enormous amount of unnecessairy scrolling,
                        resizing windows, mousemovements mouseclicks etc and it is extremely
                        inefficient with graphical CAD area.
                        This might be the reason that running a dual monitor configurations
                        was a number 1 request a while ago.

                        I am using a 27" and I think that is more than enough if every window
                        doesn't have it's own user interface. If the monitor is bigger or if you
                        use two big monitors, you have to turn your head all the time which is
                        also inefficient in my opinion. But given the userinterface like it is
                        now with it's inefficient use of Cad area I can understand why users
                        like to work with two monitors.
                        Solidworks has a well good API, it has saved us a lot of mouseworks and Scrollworks.

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                    Tom Nicholson
                    now I know its not the best way, but couldn't you save your settings via the reg file, blow away your registry, edit your settings reg file to not change the UI, and then import all your other settings?

                    I know it starts with [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2009\User Interface] Maybe just the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2009\User Interface\Toolbars] sections is what you want defaulted?

                    Now this might work, or it might not, so I would backup your settings and try on a copy.