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How to insert value of some dimension into another callout

Question asked by Peter Gutfeldt on Oct 23, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2020 by Dan Pihlaja

How can I insert the value of some arbitrary dimension in a model into the callout for another dimension on the drawing?


Currently I would like to do this in order to call out the depth of a slot.  There's no slot depth variable so I'd like to put something like the following in the slot callout:

<hw-slot-width> X <hw-slot-length> <HOLE-DEPTH><abritrary-dimension-value>

Where <abritrary-dimension-value> inserts the value of the extrude cut feature depth from the model.  I imagine there is some way to do this with a global variable?


Other instances I can recall in which I would have liked to be able to do this include adding a far side countersink line to a hole callout where the countersink was added with a revolve cut instead of with hole wizard (somebody else made the part, not me).