Dustin McMillan

Support Ribs on Rubber Pipe

Discussion created by Dustin McMillan on Oct 23, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2020 by Maha Nadarasa

I am trying to create a rubber pipe but need to add ribs for support so the pipe doesn't cave under pressure. See below for an example I'm basing this off of.


I can make the pipe itself using a swept boss/base, and I can create the back "spine" on the pipe using a wrap, but I'm struggling to create the side support ribs.


Things I've tried:

 - Creating a plane that follows the curve, then drawing a circle with the same outside diameter. Using the front plane to draw the rectangle rib shape and sweeping that along the circle. This doesn't really follow the curves of the pipe though and the "rib" sticks off the part on the underside.

 - I also tried drawing a spider leg shape on the right plane and wrapping it around the curved section. This works kind of, but the legs don't line up at the top and they stretch in very unusual ways.


Does anyone have any suggestions on a route I could take?