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Need a help for a macro to scale drawing views individually

Discussion created by Ambbrish Vs on Oct 23, 2020
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Hello friends,


            I had developed a macro for scaling the drawing view with the help of SW Help...


'''''''selecting Isometric View

boolstatus = swModel.Extension.SelectByID2("Drawing View3", "DRAWINGVIEW", 0, 0, 0, False, 0, Nothing, 0)
Set swView = swModel.SelectionManager.GetSelectedObject6(1, -1)
swView.ScaleDecimal = 1 / 8
boolstatus = swModel.EditRebuild3


It works well as per a fixed Scale ratio of "1/8". But I was trying to provide multiple scaling ratios depend upon the size of the drawing view. But there is no possibility of giving a group of different ratios as per the length...

Could any help me with this?