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    Motorized impeller simulation

      What is the best approach to simulating a system (heatsink) where the airflow is provided by a backwards curved motorized impeller fan such as this one?


      With axial fans it is easy to simulate the swirl. How does one do it with these?

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          Basil Gello
          Do you need to simulate the power response of this fan relatively to the axial one? I'd like to try CFTurbo instead.

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            Joe Galliera
            You do this like any non-axisymmetric rotating body in Flow Simulation -> with a local rotating region.  Create a new body (or part) in SW by a rotated extrusion about the part that is rotating; make the extents of the new body large enough to fit a few cells in between so that the transfer of results from the rotating region to the cartesion global computational domain is resolved sufficiently.  If the rotating body is close to stator walls, then bury the new rotated region into the walls and later make those walls stators as a wall boundary conditions.  You will need to disable the new body in Flow Simulation, or allow it to be automatically done when you define the rotational velocity or acceleration of the impeller.
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              Ameer Chilakala

              Hi Martin,


              you can find good example in the solidworks flow simulation online tutorial as CPU cooler.