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How to Update Input Formulas with EPDM API or Task or Macro?

Question asked by Paolo Magalini on Oct 22, 2020
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Hello, I would like to solve a problem that arise when a part that already has custom properties is newly added to PDM and Input Formulas are not automatically evaluated (remains blank until a control that is used in formulas is manually edited). I describe the problem with a simple example but the real problem arises using the ToolBox for part creation: since the toolbox creates custom properties directly in Solidworks, any card control using Input Formulas in a datacard remains empty because Input Formulas are not evaluated in this case.

The simplified scenario, but realistic to my problem is:

  1. I add to PDM an existing part that already has some custom properties.
  2. I have a datacard that with an Input Formula that combines two text properties into a third one.
  3. The datacard correctly reflects the existing custom properties but the Input Formula is not evaluated and the field remains blank.

I read in various posts and in PDM Help pages that input formulas are evaluated only when some referenced controls are edited directly from datacard so my question is: Can I make the PDM  to evaluate input formulas automatically (or semiautomatically) using API or Tasks or some Macros?


The part above has the custom properties "Project Name" and "Project Number" correctly filled.


The datacard is designed to combine into the variable "test" in the manned you see in the picture


When adding the file to the PDM, existing custom properties are copied to PDM database and displayed on datacard while the Input Formula is not evaluated and control remains blank.