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How to give inputs in the harmonic simulation and resolve the error?

Question asked by Suhail P. on Oct 21, 2020
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I want to perform a sine vibration test for my model. Here I attached the required specification and corresponding input that I gave in the test. I tried the test only in the lateral direction. And I input the base excitation as two curves one with displacement (5-8 Hz) and one with acceleration (8-100 Hz).



The test needs to be conducted


The given input in Solidworks 






1 - Is the way I gave input in the software correct for the given test level specification?

      a. The way I split the frequency ranges into two base excitation curves

      b. input the 34.5 mm DA as 17.25 mm displacement 

      c. any other mistakes in the given values?

2- How to mention the sweep rate in the software?

3- How to resolve the error message?

4- Most importantly since the natural frequencies of the model is too far from the sine test level ranges do I have to perform this sine sweep?


If there are any mistakes please help me to correct it.



Details of model

  • The model is a satellite structure. It is having some electronic boards in each compartment and some panels at each outer face, I considered each of the boards and the panels  as point masses acting at respective mounting holes 
  • The structure is having 8 mounting location 4 at each end, I gave the fixed boundary condition at these locations
  • the structure is mainly made of two long frames and 12 short ribs connected by screws, To model this, I removed the default global contact option and gave bonded contact to the surfaces where the ribs touch the long frame 
  • I have done static and modal analysis on the same model for different mesh sizes and choose a mesh size which was giving a convergence, so used the same mesh size for this analysis also ( attached the mesh details and corresponding results obtained from the other simulations )

I am not sure is the approach of modelling the screw joints as bonded contact and the electronic boards as remote masses, correct or not. But i thought it may give a preliminary result