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Can you apply a linear pattern to extrude cut along a lofted, contoured surface?

Discussion created by Dan L. on Oct 21, 2020
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Hello all,


I am new to the forums and apologize in advance if I am not following proto when it comes to posting. I am here seeking help/advice to learn how to apply a linear pattern to a lofted, contoured surface.


My goal is to evenly space out polygons so that I can extrude cut through all. I will attach an image of the spacing and extrude cut as well as the part I am wishing to perform this on to help visualize.


I have read in other posts that sometimes it is helpful to upload the part file itself so I will upload it here as well. I want to also note that I am a novice user of this software but understand some of the basics. So, please have mercy on me.


I appreciate any and all feedback.


Thank you.


Figure 1: This is the linear pattern and shape (hexagon) that I wish to achieve.


Figure 2: This is the part I wish to do it on. It is lofted from one sketch to another. The loft is contoured, not flat.