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Ungroup Reference Component columntype with macro?

Question asked by Stefan Sterk on Oct 20, 2020

Hi There,


I created a macro that inserts a BOM table and formatting it based on the Reference Component. The only problem with it is that it's showing the parts grouped. But it should be ungrouped since the parts have unique references. The table only ungroups when I manually select column-type as a reference component. As shown in the GIF below.


BOM Table behavior


I tried to change the column-type of the table within the code as shown below. But that didn't do anything.

swBOMTable.SetColumnType3 0, swBomTableColumnType_ItemNumber, False, Array(1, 1, False, False)
swBOMTable.SetColumnType3 0, swBomTableColumnType_ComponentReference, False, Nothing


Is there a way to change the group behavior of the table with VBA?