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vibration simulation sorbothane

Question asked by Erci Cheung on Oct 19, 2020

Anyone ever done a vibration simulation with Sorbothane mounts on a pump? I want to run a 1/2HP pump vibration simulation for a 3 point mount with 1.5"OD x 1.0"ht Sorbothane (50 Durometer, rated 11-16lbs) mounts. Any tips on how to do this? I like to see what natural frequencies, variations Sorbothane mounts, and a lower rated 4 point mount vs this 3 point mount.


I do have Solidworks Simulations to do frequency simulations but have never done a frequency simulation before so any help/info would be appreciated, don't even know where to get material properties.


The pump is 20 lbs and will run around 1725RPM (28.75Hz) alternating between the 2 sides. Below is the setup I was planning on using for the simulation.