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Sheet metal bend on non-fixed face?

Question asked by Alexandra Boyd on Oct 20, 2020
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Hey folks,


I don't use the sheet metal tools in SOLIDWORKS very often, but I've created some simple models before (square boxes and lids, etc) so I know the basics.


I was asked to build what I thought was a pretty simple model for a hanging tray and develop it out for a shop drawing, but I'm running into problems with creating bends that aren't attached to the fixed face. I feel like there must be a simple solution to this (whether it's adjusting the model, or utilizing a tool that I'm unfamiliar with) so any advice on how to flatten out this simple model would be greatly appreciated!


I've attached some photos of where I'm at.

Image 1: The finished model

Image 3: The sheet metal conversion

Image 2: Unfolded, apart from the two sides


I'm using the bottom face as the fixed face in order to unfold the sides of the tray box, but it creates an un-editable rip edge along the full length of the vertical sides, not allowing me to also recognize those as bends. As a result, when unfolding, it leaves those two edges popped up.


Thanks in advance!