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Can you edit the filelist of EPDM Utility Batchget after creating the tree

Question asked by Ross Hazelwood on Oct 19, 2020


What I really want to do is provide a simplified interface that only shows a shortened  the EPDM vault files that need to be got, rather than the entire list of referenced files which are not ordered by "get latest tick".  It appears that teh createtree option   EdmGetCmdFlags.Egcf_SkipExisting does not prevent up-to-date items from showing



I can correctly create the batch list of input files, then run batchget.create tree, but cannot find any way of examining the list before using the batchget.showdialog.  The batchget.getfilelist()   will get a list of the files shown, but only with pathname, id & parentfolder ( not version status or get status)


My question is:  Is there a way to interact with the actual batch get filelist before showdialog to remove lines that do not require a get because the local version is correct, then I would have a shortened list?  Perhaps there is an undocumented directcast option.


My next desired step would be to create a function "get latest upto a specified date", which would be a great enhancement for Solidworks PDM.  It would allow a user to simulate 'get latest' as of a specified state or based on a specific revision of an assembly drawing.  At the moment out users work with get latest, but it is always slightly different from the asbuilt because that contain shared assemblies that are not rebuilt on every internal part change.  The is a huge overhead in carriying every part change up to the top level assembly, so we strongly desire a way of getting latest upto a specified date.  Any helpful hints would be appreciated too.